2012 EBCSF Speaker Joe Lathrop

An Ordinary Joe for the Ordinary Sportsman.

Just about everyone who loves the outdoors likes to dream big.  After all, the outdoors we love is a big place.  When it comes to taking home big game, that’s a dream we’d all love to see come true.  But that doesn’t always happen.  In fact, most ordinary sportsmen come home empty-handed.

The adventure isn’t always defined by what we bring home.  It’s the rising sun glimmering through the trees.  It’s your heart pounding as you hear the leaves rustling behind you.  It’s the possibility of seeing the buck you’ve scouted for.  This story is played out in the minds of thousands of ordinary outdoorsmen just like you.  Once in a while, the preparation comes together and the big dream becomes a reality.

We can hang our hat on moments like these and look back with a smile, realizing that it may never happen again.  After all, most ordinary sportsmen don’t have the time or the money to expect anything more.  That’s ok.  Because it’s not about the glory, it’s about the adventure.  There’s nothing wrong with dreaming big.  But we know that loving the outdoors is so much more than chasing dreams.

Joe Lathrop is an ordinary man.  He’s worked hard all his life.  He hasn’t had a lot of free time or a lot of money.  His walls aren’t lined with Boone and Crocket monsters.  But Joe loves the outdoors and he loves God.  His passion to connect with those who love the outdoors comes in a plain and simple way.  There’ve been a few moments in Joe’s life when everything came together and he wants to share these moments with you.  The reason you’ll nod your head and smile is that his stories will relate with yours.